The growth you seek lives in the shadows

No one singular thing will heal you. That's why we've created the Tool Kit, 
a magical approach to healing through shadow work so you can live your most intuitive life. 

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A shadow work course designed to help wanderlust seekers like you take a timeline shifting quantum leap into a more aligned and intuitive life. With Travel for the Shadow you'll learn everything you need to go on your very own eat, pray, love journey. You'Il travel the world, heal, and find yourself along the way.

Travel for the Shadow


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An Exploratory Course + Toolkit

Our tool-kit approach to shadow work blends magical modalities such as the Akashic Records, tarot, and sound healing, with neuroscience and epigenetics. Why? Because one singular thing won't heal you. We help you find what works and guide you on a journey within to help you level up and achieve you healing goals.

Shadow Work to Take You From Seed to Bloom

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We've created this quiz to help you find the tools that will serve you best on your healing journey.

Find Out Which Tool in the Tool-Kit is Your Perfect Match

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Our tool-kit approach to shadow work blends magical modalities with neuroscience and epigenetics. We help you find what works and guide you on a journey within to help you level up and achieve you healing goals.

The Tool Kit

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Every month we host in-person and virtual events to bring the community together and to make healing accessible to all! Rebecca also is available for private events and gatherings.



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Connect with like minded individuals on their healing and spiritual journey in our free community group. You will also get exclusive access to content and a ton of freebies you can't find anywhere else.

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Creating Consciousness reflects back to you the energies of your subconscious through tarot, channeling, and spiritual guidance. Listen to the podcast to awaken and welcome this consciousness.


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“Working with Rebecca has allowed me to recover from childhood traumas and open myself up to all that the Universe will bring me.”


-Andrea W., New York

Download My Top 10 Favorite Shadow Work Journal Prompts

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These are the exact same prompts I used when I began my healing journey. I've included them here for you for free because everyone deserves healing!

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I'm Rebecca and you're no longer alone on your healing journey.

From a young age I knew I was psychic, but as my conditionings embedded deeper into my unconscious, I closed myself off to my abilities. But by healing and integrating my shadow and conditionings, I opened myself back up to my gifts. Now I'm here to help you do the same.

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5 Tarot Spreads to Bring Your Shadow to Light

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What is Shadow Work and How Do I Do it?

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