4 Lessons From the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail isn’t just about Machu Picchu; it’s about falling in love with the journey there.

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Where light and shadow merge

In this episode of Creating Consciousness, we explore the topics of ego vs intuition, intuitive living, and why your ego is your friend.

Ego vs. Intuition | Podcast


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In this episode of Creating Consciousness, we are joined by Sydney Cutler, an LA-based Yoga Nidra Practitioner. We discuss the practical magic of this practice as well as the healing benefits.

The Practical Magic of Yoga Nidra | Podcast


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Meet Keylee Miracle, healer and generationally endowed intuitive. By blending the spiritual and the scientific, Keylee is able to help you go to the depths of your subconscious so you can begin healing.

Reprogramming Your Subconscious with Keylee Miracle | Podcast


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Feeling stuck sucks. In this week’s podcast episode, Rebecca discusses three ways to get unstuck and begin creating new neural pathways based on your consistency and commitment to change.

Getting Unstuck: Creating New Neural Pathways and Reclaiming Your Power


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Shadow work should be accessible to everyone! It is part of the human experience to bring your shadow to light. Use these 10 shadow work prompts to get yourself started! Best part, they're FREE!

10 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Get You Started!

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