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Demi Loren of Ocean Spirit Healing joins us to discuss her spiritual journey and the evolution of her work–– from mastery of energy healing to discovering her own magic by listening to her intuition.

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Where light and shadow merge

Podcast Creating Consciousness

In this episode of Creating Consciousness, we dive into what consciousness is, where it comes from, how consciousness affects our reality, and more.

Understanding Consciousness | Podcast


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Access to our subconscious through dream journaling allows the liminal space to provide us with the insight we may miss in our waking hours. Tapping into the intuition of dreams is a gateway to higher states of consciousness. It’s important to take what you experience in the dream state, analyze it, and integrate it into your daily life.

Dream Journaling: The Key to Your Subconscious

Shadow Work

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“Clair-” translates from French to “clear” and “-voyance” to “seeing.” Being clairvoyant speaks to one’s ability to see through their third or mind’s eye. Clairvoyance is just one you can communicate with your guides, Ascended Masters, loved ones, and Archangels in this dimension.

5 Signs You’re Clairvoyant


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Shadow Self

You’ve likely heard the term “shadow work” and thought, “what the hell is that?” and “how do I do it?”

What is Shadow Work and How I Do It?

Shadow Work

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Shadow work should be accessible to everyone! It is part of the human experience to bring your shadow to light. Use these 10 shadow work prompts to get yourself started! Best part, they're FREE!

10 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Get You Started!

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