Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with Community

Every month Rebecca hosts in-person and virtual events to bring the community together and to make healing accessible to all! Rebecca also is available for private events and gatherings.


This Consciousness hosts 1-2 virtual or in-person events every month to bring the community together. These events range from Moon Ceremonies, Akashic Record Ceremonies, Group Meditations, and Healings. These events are designed to bring the community together in a safe-space.

Every so often Rebecca will host free events for the community.

Monthly Events

Rebecca is available for private Full Moon Grounding Ceremonies, New Moon Manifestation Ceremonies, Group Tarot Reading Experiences, Akashic Records Ceremonies, Energy Healings, and Sound Healings.

Most of these events can be conducted in-person or virtually.

These events are perfect for a girls-night-in, corporate wellness, and intimate gatherings.

Private Events

Akashic Records Sound Journey

Using a theta brainwave meditation and sound healing instruments, you will journey to the Akashic Records to receive channeled psychic messages and answers from your Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, and Highest Self.

People who believe they have zero psychic abilities have tried our Akashic Records Journeys and have been blown away by the things they saw, felt, heard, and healed. All that is required to journey to the Akasha is an open mind and open heart.

June 1, 2022 @ 6:00 pm PDT

In Partnership with Tejido Collective

The events that transmute shadow and create light

Shadow Self
Sound Healing

Turn inward to cleanse the energetic body with sound and vibration. While in a state of surrender, we will clear your intuitive channels so you are able to receive messages from your highest self. Please bring a yoga mat and any other props you need to feel supported. Dress in layers and bring a blanket.

Cafe Mollie will be providing a Rishi tea service after the event, where you will be able to hang out with the community.

May 20, 2022 @ 6:00 pm AZ

In Partnership with Cafe Mollie

The events that transmute shadow and create light



The Sprout


"It was beautiful. Thank you, Rebecca for your time and energy. All the messages that came through in the reading at the end were all something I could relate to. The meditation was so wild! Not only did I see my starseed family, I saw my baby, and at one point I had 9 generations of ancestors come through with my dad. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— sarah v., Attended new moon manifestation ceremony and full moon grounding ceremony

"It was beautiful "

"In need of a little light and more love, I invited two of my best friends to Rebecca's Full Moon Grounding Ceremony under the full worm moon. It was a beautiful ceremony that continues to strengthen the bond between me and the ground we danced and planted our intentions on. I hope this practice finds anyone in need."

— Stephanie Y., Attended Full Moon Grounding Ceremony

"I hope this practice finds anyone in need "

"While Journeying to the Akashic Records I received so much insight into my life and my current circumstances. I've tried to access the records before, but have never been successful. Being guided on the journey made it much easier and more accessible for me to receive the information I had been searching for. It was truly eye-opening and transformative– I'm excited to integrate!"

— Nick A.,  Attended Journey to the Akashic Records, Full Moon Grounding Ceremony, New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

"Eye-opening and transformative"

"The Full Moon Grounding Ceremony was truly meaningful and personal. I left feeling lighter and more in tune with my emotions. I look forward to making it a monthly tradition."

— Kalie v., Attended Full Moon Grounding Ceremony

"Making it a monthly tradition"