Reprogram Your
Shadow-Self Through
Intuitive Healing

Reprogram Your Shadow-Self Through Intuitive Healing

Are you ready to live in alignment with your highest self, activate your psychic abilities, and reach emotional freedom from what holds you back?

IT's time to do the damn thing!

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You feel that there is more out there for you, but you just don't know how to make it happen.

You feel confused, unfulfilled, and aren't living life according to you.

You're overwhelmed, don't have time to do "the work" and struggle to hold yourself accountable...

Real Talk:

but here's what nobody tells you...

You can go from stuck and stagnant to free and thriving for only 15 minutes a day.

You don't have to do any of those things. It's ineffective, counterproductive, and just doesn't work. The spiritual path is much deeper than the aesthetic you see influencers promoting on social media. Being spiritual and living in your authenticity requires you to go beneath the surface- chugging celery juice or replacing your Starbucks pink drink with a matcha latte is never going to accomplish that for you. To live a spiritual life you need to face your fears, self-limiting beliefs, and traumas. This is shadow work, baby!

The thing is... if you're new to your spiritual journey, you've probably heard you need to drink green juice, do yoga, and become vegan to truly live in alignment...

But  that's Simply NOT  true


Empowers you to own your past failures and mistakes so that you can grow and learn from them

Helps you have more empathy and compassion for others without taking on the emotions and feelings of other people

Here's How Shadow Work Can Help...

Allows you to transmute your insecurities so you become fulfilled and self-actualized

Creates a deeper connection between your mind, body, and spirit, AND activates your psychic abilities

Shadow Work Can Also Help You...

Overcome anxiety and depression

find platonic and romantic relationships with emotionally available partners

Break free from addictive behaviors

resolve conflict-free from feeling overwhelmed, judged, or full of rage

Find direction and purpose

manifest all of your goals and dreams

Most people who are trying to heal and live authentically, don't succeed because they haven't been taught to address their pain and trauma. They're unable to manifest and access their intuition and that's because they push their feelings further into their unconscious and live life by spiritually bypassing.

The Truth Is...

Spiritual bypass is not good because it prevents us from accessing the depth, wisdom, intuition, and personal power that we each individually hold. It prevents us from living this life as fully and deeply as possible.

If you've ever felt this way, it's not your fault. For decades, the wellness world has taught that 'love and light' is the answer, and that the way to feel better is to 'positive mindset' your way out of debt, depression, and systemic injustices. And while the positive thought thing might help you feel better about that dumb parking ticket or rain on your beach day or for manifesting a parking spot at the mall, it doesn't move the needle for deeper issues.

What you may not realize is that every time you are triggered, repeating cycles, and projecting onto others, you're provided with an opportunity to heal.



Here’s the cool thing: the most helpful spiritual practice is the one you do— not what takes the longest, or is the most intense.


Shadow work can help everything— from healing a ‘silly’ old belief an ex left us with, to helping us move past old wounds that are deeply in our souls.


We're human. No one has all the answers, but once we start moving through the fear associated with healing, the answers start to become clearer.


Sometimes the biggest thing you've embedded into your unconscious mind is actually what gives you all the power succeed. So many of our talents live in our unconscious.





Intuitive Healing Containers are 3-month and 6-month private healing containers where we will go on a journey so you can meet your shadow, begin reprogramming, and live the life you've been dreaming about! In these containers we blend neuroscience, mindfulness, energetics, and divination to help you heal from your traumas and conditionings.


Intuitive Healing Containers

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What's Included

two 1.5 hour intuitive healing
sessions per month

two 30 minute check-in call between sessions every month

Weekly accountability emails

monthly development circle

lifetime access to alumni group

discounts to all monthly events

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6 Month Container

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When you pay in full for either the 3 or 6 month container, you will get immediate access to my 101 Shadow Work Journal Prompts! My years of shadow work journaling have been condensed to these 101 prompts and I know they will serve you the same way they served me.

Get My 101 Shadow Work Journal Prompts


How You're Feeling...

You question who you are and why you do the things you do

you find yourself repeating the same patterns and cycles

the little voice in your head fills your with self-limiting beliefs and internal conflict

you use spirituality to bypass your experiences

you know you are intuitive and want to access your psychic abilities

you want to start living life for yourself free from the pressures of your family, peers, and society

you feel stuck and unfulfilled in some if not all areas of life, experiencing feelings of disempowerment and resentment

“Working with Rebecca has enlightened me and brought a new and rejuvenated clarity to my life's purpose and growth ”

- Charri L., mesa, AZ

Freedom from your subconscious and unconscious programmings and conditionings

How You're Going to Feel After...

Awakened and heightened intuitive abilities that you'll be able to use on a daily basis



the results you're going to get:

Thrive in your power while having a clear sense of your purpose and increased confidence


Understand when and how your shadow shows up in your daily life and how to navigate it with ease


Ability to be fully present with your highest self and your emotions without feeling completely overwhelmed


and so much more!

I let my trauma and conditionings run my life, but not anymore...

As I dove deeper into my unconscious and subconscious, I met my shadow. I started to understand why I acted the way I did, how my trauma affected me on a daily basis, and why I wasn't able to achieve my goals. As I began integrating my shadow by bringing it to my conscious awareness, things shifted– I began living life in alignment with my highest self, my psychic abilities reawakened, and I began feeling more at peace.

i can help because i've been there

Let me help you do the same!

"I never realize just how much my shadow was hurting my wellbeing. While working with Rebecca I began to notice enormous shifts in my life. Never have I felt this way after working with any other intuitive. I apply what I learned in session on the daily and am now living my best life."

Rachel R.

began living life her way

Yes, It Really Works

"Rebecca has an ability to see you. Her intuition is fine tuned with the Universe. There is a peace that she is able to bring to your live. She guides you on best ways to navigate the chaos. I'm blessed to have her see my path.

Heather H.

felt seen and heard

"Rebecca's intuitive abilities make you feel right at home. She has the ability to help you heal and bring you new awareness as you ground into your circumstances. Working with Rebecca has allowed me to recover from childhood traumas and open myself up to all that the Universe will bring me."

Andrea W.

healed childhood trauma

"I am amazed at how quickly Rebecca was able to connect to my mind and provide insight. Rebecca wasn't guessing; she was authentically connected and spiritually guiding. I greatly appreciate how she eased me during the conversation and ensured I got the optimal experience out of the conversation. I would highly recommend Rebecca; she is way more than a spiritual healer; she goes above and beyond in calming your mind and making that human connection. Love her!"

Sumita K.

Put her mind at ease

"I don’t even know what to say, except wow! It was great to hear some of the internal issues out loud and it gave me so much hope and clarity! Rebecca did a great job of speaking to my aspirations and focused a lot on questions that I’ve been struggling to figure out. It made me feel much more focused and less anxious about how to move forward. I also love the renewed energy I felt after my reading."

Gayla M.

reconnected with her ESSENCE

Kim S.

Meet her shadow and began healing DEeper than ever before

"Rebecca is an amazing healer. She was able to tap into areas that were hidden from me allowing me to acknowledge them and start the healing process. The session I had with her was truly transformative. She made me feel so comfortable and was so caring and compassionate in her approach. I felt I was really seen and held in a safe place. I highly recommend Rebecca and thank her for sharing her gifts and loving presence with others."

These sessions aren't right for everyone. If you have a question or are wanting more insight into how  Intuitive Healing works, then schedule a free call so I can answer any questions you may have! I want you to feel clear and firm in the decision you're making to do this work (but hey, sometimes being clear and firm is part of our shadow).

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