Today I'm living my most intuitive life

My unhealed trauma and conditionings had me living completely out of alignment– constantly projecting onto others. I truly didn't like the person I had become and I had to do something about it. I had to look in the mirror and be completely (brutally) honest with myself.

that's when i learned that facing our shadow is a very important part of our human experience

But that wasn't always the case...

I spent my whole life putting others peoples needs before my own. I had so much unhealed trauma that was being repressed and to make myself feel seen, I became what others wanted me to be, rather than living in my authenticity. My self-worth was completely based on other peoples perceptions. I didn't know who I was or who I was trying to be. While controlling how others perceived me, I became exhausted. I got caught up in lies and was cycling through destructive patterns.

I didn't know how to love myself. I told myself I did, but I never lived it. I turned to others to find love, but after entering into an abusive relationship, I became extremely sick. My body held my trauma and it was trying to tell me it was time to heal. Years of doctors visits, procedures, and surgery lead me to pick up my very first self-help book...

...and that's when I fell in love with the wellness world. I dove in head first, researching, exploring, healing, and expanding my own consciousness. Through this work I finally understood the role my trauma played in my life as well as the importance of the mind-body connection. The psychic abilities I had as a child came back and I learned what it truly meant to love myself. Sitting in the shadows and looking in the mirror helped me meet my highest, most authentic self and I was able to begin embodying her on a daily basis. Now I'm helping you do the same!

If you've hit rock-bottom, feel lost, or need someone to hold your hand on your journey, I'm here to guide you inward so you too can heal and awaken this consciousness. You deserve this healing!


Honesty, equality, spirituality & science, the human experience, intuitive living, God, pineapple on pizza (with jalapeños), and aliens


Conspiracy, comparison, unhealed trauma, bullsh*t, the traditional 9-5, ungrounded ego-based spirituality, and 45 (Yes, that 45)


In the bathtub, working with my clients, cooking delicious meals, supporting local businesses,and dancing naked in my house

daily rituals

Dream journaling, meditating & reciting affirmations, drinking matcha outside, skincare, bird watching, and binging TikToks (I'm human after all)

After climbing the corporate ladder, I asked Spirit for the next step and they shared with me "This Consciousness." Since then it's been my life's purpose to share deeper understanding, awakened consciousness, and intuitive living with others.

It is our mission at This Consciousness to help you step into your authentic truth and into alignment with your highest self so you can live your most intuitive life. By turning inward and making the unconscious conscious, you will be able to open yourself back up to the wisdom of the Universe while embodying your psychic abilities.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious"



“Since working with Rebecca I have felt a new energy that has directly affected my productivity and happiness.”


so they say:

Let's have a conscious conversation

I trust that the Universe brought us together for a reason.
Let's chat! I want to know what makes you tick, what lights you up, and what you absolutely triggers you! Let's hop on a call and get to know each other. If you're also unsure which service is best for you, schedule a call so you can pick my brain!

I  truly believe we are supposed to meet!





Reality TV

Whalebird Kombucha

Growing Yourself Back Up

Thai food




My Favorite Things

Long walks. I could walk for miles. The best part is when I have no place to be and can just explore!

my happy place!

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Monterey, California! When I'm not soaking up the sun in the Arizona desert, I'm grounding in the forest and bathing in the beaches of Monterey.

Linen and raw silk clothing– sustainable clothing is everything to me. Plus, I love clothing that is breathable. Gone are the days of tight leggings and fast-fashion.

My Favorite Things

Matcha! I absolutely love starting my day with a cup of hot or iced matcha. Tea rituals are my absolute favorite.

My pendulum. When on the go or in need of quick intuitive answer, I use my pendulum to tune into my higher self and receive guidance.

Being in front of the camera! Part of my shadow was being extremely camera shy because I always judged by body. But once I began loving the body I have, I felt a huge sense of relief and found confidence in front of the camera!

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Oracle cards







Essential Oils

Tarot Cards





Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

Shadow work should be accessible to everyone! It is part of the human experience to bring your shadow to light. Use these 10 shadow work prompts to get yourself started! Best part, they're FREE!

10 Shadow Work Journal Prompts to Get You Started!

Let  The
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