Travel for the Shadow:

A shadow work course designed to help wanderlust seekers like you take a timeline shifting quantum leap into a more aligned and intuitive life. It’s time for you to travel the world, heal, and find yourself along the way.

Welcome to your eat, pray, love journey


An Exploratory Self-Study + Toolkit

There comes a time in life where you feel like you've lost yourself along the way. You may feel detached and disconnect from who you used to be. You desire to return to yourself, but you're caught up in the rat race– going through the motions. 

You see the pictures of people traveling the world on social media– going on adventures, living a life full of travel, and experiencing the growth that you so deeply desire.

You want to take the leap, but there's so much fear.

The thing is, you don't need to sell all your things and move into a van to experience a new sense of freedom. All you need is an intention and the right set of tools to help you take the leap and reconnect with yourself.

It's time for the adventure of a lifetime

If you have a burning desire to travel and heal, you've probably heard all the judgements and projections...

My personal "favorite" is that traveling is a form of destination happiness

Here's what you might not know...

It's easier than you think

The truth is, most wanderlust seekers don't book the trip out of fear.

So let's face that fear

If you had no fear, no financial constraints, and all the time in the world, where would you travel? What would you do?

Answer this:

Hard to answer? SCROLL FOR some ideas.

Trek To Mount Everest Basecamp

Backpack around Southeast Asia

Drive up the coast of Highway 1

Go on an African safari

See the Northern Lights

Visit Egypt's Great Pyramids

Stroll along the Champs-Élysées

Meditate in Tulumn

Drink Ayahuasca in the Amazon

Camp in all the US National Parks

The problem is that fear keeps us small. Fear limits what we believe we are capable of accomplishing. Our nervous systems are wired to respond to fear by keeping us safe. When we dream about what we desire, we do so until fear prevents us from taking any action.

You shouldn't let time, money, or fear hold you back from the life you desire.

Fear never goes away, but You can move through fear with the proper planning and the right tools

Guess what?

"You can't avoid fear, but if you embrace it, you'll go on the journey of a lifetime."

– My Akashic Guides

By 7 years old I had traveled to 5 continents. I was a nomadic child. But by 10 years old after settling down in America, the international travel stopped. Growing up I always had the desire to get back out there and see the world. By the time I entered the workforce, I was hindered with fear. Traveling seemed impossible.

 With shadow work, I listened to the call of my inner child and checked my 6th continent off my list as I journeyed to South America to travel around Peru.

I let all those fears stop me, until I didn't

I CREATED the time. I booked the flight. I made the plan. I finally realized that I had all the tools I needed to make this happen.

I Thought the same thing

Travel for the Shadow:

An Exploratory Self-Study + Toolkit


I've taken everything I've learned from lifetime of traveling to build the best healing travel course to help wanderlust seekers like you go from fearful and lost to traveling the world, finding yourself along the way, and returning home integrated to live an aligned life.

The foundations of shadow work and why you need it to live an intuitive life

Here's What You'll Learn

Shadow Work 101

Module  #1


With Travel for the Shadow, you're not drawing your destination out a hat. I'm providing you with the mystical tools to help you get clear on your healing desires, find the perfect place to travel, plan the adventures that will mirror healing, and give you all you need for integration and embodiment as you return home.

In this module you'll learn:

Why travel is a form of shadow work and the benefits that traveling will bring you 

Additional tools you can use to heal through shadow work

Plus you'll receive access to a library of shadow work tools to prepare you for your healing journey

The fundamentals of Travel Shadow Work, Astrogeography and other tools to plan your journey

The Map of Your Soul

Module  #2

In this module you'll learn:

How to pick the perfect place to travel (by plane, train, or automobile) based on your healing goals

The impact of your Astrological blueprint as a portal for deeper healing and integration

How to use the archetypal energy to create deeper healing even if you're not ready to book the trip of a lifetime

The ins and outs of the astrological tool needed to plan ahead while creating space for spontaneity while you travel

Adventure Awaits

Module  #3

In this module you'll learn:

How to make the most out of your healing and integration by pairing certain activities with specific healing energies

Everything you need to be prepared before you embark on your healing journey

Your Journey Home

Module  #4

In this module you'll learn:

The magic of building routines and rituals while traveling to keep you grounded, safe, and ready for the next stop on the way

An introduction to integrating and how to set yourself up for successful integration on your journey home

The multiple tools you need to properly integrate your healing and what to do so you can monitor your growth

The importance of continuing to work with the energy of the place traveled to strengthen the healing received

Meet your shadow self to become whole

Move through any fears and blocks

Travel the world and heal along the way

Find direction and purpose in your life

Not only will you learn the secrets of Travel Shadow Work, but you'll receive a travel toolkit to support you on your journey

Over 150 Journal prompts to support you before you leave, while you're traveling, and when you return home

Quick Meditations to regulate the nervous system when you feel travel anxiety starting to set in

A how-to-guide on the importance of archetypes and how to cast your very own travel archetypes

A library of travel rituals and spells you can cast to ensure the best possible journey

database of travel-record keeping activities that will make your inner child feel seen, heard, and safe

But it doesn't just end with Peru! As we travel to new places, we will continue creating comprehensive guides full of our favorite recommendations and resources so you can stop guessing and go enjoy the best of the best. All these bonuses will be added into your library for free.

Want to travel to Peru?
Gain access to the best adventures, food, hotels + more 

Free guide

Bonus Resource:
Explore Peru


Need 1-on-1 Support?

For a limited time I'm offering a 1-on-1 Travel Shadow Work sessions to help you take your healing even deeper.

During this session we will use the tarot as a mirror to reflect back to you the areas of your life that are seeking healing. Then we will go through your Astrogeography chart to help you find the best places to support the healing that you are seeking. Together, we will come up with a plan so you can take flight.

This session is 50 minutes.
You MUST know your birth time to book this session.

Limited Time

Move through your money fears and finally book the trip of your dreams

How does this sound?

Understand the principles of shadow work and the power of integrating your shadow



the results you're going to get:

Learn how to use Astrogeography to plan a trip that support your healing goals


Gain insight into finding the balance between adventure and moments of stillness while healing on the go


Reconnect with the parts of yourself that you've rejected with archetype embodiment



You've never traveled before and don't know where to start

You want to turn your domestic trips into an international eat, pray, love journey

You're saving all the travel videos on TikTok FYP

You're ready to move through your fears and money blocks to live a more embodied, abundant, and fulfilled life

You are seeking more magic and are ready for your life to feel like a movie

You're ready to dive into the world of shadow work, Astrogeography, Planetary Rulers, traveling to healing, and integration

Travel for the Shadow is for you if:


A year from now you'll wish you booked the trip that changed your life

Stop waiting, take flight

Wait, I really don't have the time or money to go on a trip.

I completely understand. We work through this in the course, but you don't even need to book a trip to experience the healing that travel shadow work can bring you. You'll learn how to do this from the safety of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

This is a self-guided course. The pace at which you move through the course is up to you. We recommend focusing on 1-2 sections of a module per day to have enough time to learn, complete the exercises, give space for integration and implementation. For the best experience, complete the course before booking your trip and then go back through once your trip is booked.

I don't need 1-on-1 support now, but can I book a 1-on-1 Travel Shadow session later?

As of now, the only way you can book a 1-on-1 Travel Shadow Work session is with your initial purchase of Travel for the Shadow. Your session must be booked and scheduled with 60 days of your purchase. BUT, that's not to say that we won't randomly pop-into your email offering you access to top-secret 1-on-1 travel shadow work sessions ;)

Will I have lifetime access to Travel for the Shadow?

Absolutely! You'll also have lifetime access to all "Explore" location bonuses. Plus, If at anytime we decide update or remake the course, you'll also receive the most up-to-date version at no additional cost. 

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of this course, we do not offer refunds. If you file a chargeback with your bank account, your course access will be revoked and will no longer be permitted to purchase courses with Rooted Cooperative LLC, DBA This Consciousness

I'm really nervous to do shadow work, it sounds scary and dark.

I thought the same thing, but shadow work is actually a very beautiful process of reconnecting with the parts of yourself that you've rejected so that you can live an intuitive life. With the right tools and resources, shadow work is full of playful, light energy and alchemical magic, rather than something that seems dark and scary. The name "shadow work" really is deceiving.


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