It's a Podcast, But It's Also Helping You Heal

Creating Consciousness is a podcast reflecting back to you the energies of your subconscious. This podcast is the next step in your healing journey. Together, we will explore the depths of your subconscious to awaken and welcome this consciousness.

Creating Consciousness

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How to Access and Integrate Your Shadow

How to Activate Your Intuition

what you'll learn:

Spiritual Wisdom  & Channelings

Modalities From Other Spiritual Healers

I'm Rebecca and you're no longer alone on your healing journey.

From a young age I knew I was psychic, but as my conditionings embedded deeper into my unconscious, I closed myself off to my abilities. But by healing and integrating my shadow and conditionings, I opened myself back up to my gifts. Now I'm here to help you do the same.

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Creating Consciousness was born out of my own healing journey to find my voice.
I was divinely guided to create this podcast to help you heal, access a higher consciousness, and to continue my personal healing journey.
This podcast wouldn't be possible without you!
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Thank you for listening and supporting!

My greatest ability is helping people bring their unconscious to light so they can begin healing and living their most intuitive life...


"I love Rebecca's approach to sharing knowledge and information that help support and guide through life's challenging (and easy) situations. I always feel better after listening to her podcast, visiting her website, and scrolling through her social media."

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"Consciousness can be such a time consuming topic but this podcast provides incredible insight in such a short period of time. Tangible takeaways and actionable items are given, leaving the listener feeling activated to trust the universe."

Five Stars:

-Sarah vickers

"I'm so glad Rebecca decided to create this podcast! Her content on IG and Facebook is always helpful, thoughtful, and 100% made with love. I will be a forever fan. Wishing so many blessings for the future of this new endeavor."

Five Stars:

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